Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Blog Swap: Brilliant New Blog Website for Serious Bloggers


Hi Everyone!

The world here at Yummy Mummy? Really? has been a little quiet recently as I've been beavering away at a new project as well as working full-time, being mum to my beautiful two girls and dancing a lot!

A New Blogging Project

If you're a blogger you'll be excited to know the new project is an exclusive bloggers membership website called The Blog Swap.  It's an exclusive new blogging community for bloggers serious about developing their blog and getting constructive feedback from other bloggers on their blog design, content, writing style... you name it you can get feedback on it.

The exciting thing is that you'll get the feedback from bloggers keen to help you maximise your potential and the idea is you'll 'swap' your thoughts on their blogs.

How do you get feedback on your blog?

Blogging can be a scary business.  Often you are putting your blog out there with little feedback (apart from maybe family members if you're lucky).  When you do get feedback it's often too late, and a potentially great blog loses out on readers.  It's also normally in the public eye.

I remember starting this blog ten years ago and being scared what people would think.  I'd ask family members what they thought but they were barely interested, didn't 'get' it, and couldn't really judge if they thought my blog was 'good' relative to all the other blogs out there.  I was also nervous about asking other bloggers.  I was never sure who were the ones with the real traffic, and who were just good at marketing themselves.  I wanted to know who was blogging for fun and who wanted to take it to a professional level.

The Blog Swap solves this dilemma.  Think of it like the great 'old-school' writers groups before the internet existed.  You pay a small fee to join and get to share your project in a safe environment with like-minded individuals.  Blogs are categorised, so you can find parenting blogs, food blogs, lifestyle blogs etc easily.  But you are obviously encouraged to provide feedback to blogs in any category!
They'll also be plenty of resources available on the website to help boost your blog, and guest posts from professional bloggers to help you develop further.  Only those that take blogging seriously enough to join will be commenting on your blog.  And now of course it's all on-line and you can socialise in your pjs.

Serious out developing your blog? Why not invest in it?

Join The Blog Swap and get access to feedback from other like-minded bloggers.  You can join on the basic membership rate and post an article 'showcasing' your blog on The Blog Swap website.  It then gets ranked on 5 metrics, and users are encouraged to provide detailed and constructive feedback in the comments field.

The Blog Swap is set to include great blogging resources, tips for future blog posts, design tips, marketing ideas and so on.

Finally, a buddy system will soon be established, giving even more in-depth feedback to help you take your blog to the next level!

It's a great website that opens today! It is welcoming members now at a discounted rate to build up the community!  Get in early and help inform the development of this great site.

Happy Blogging!

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  1. UPDATE: Join the great new blogging community at The Blog Swap for FREE, if you sign up in launch week! Why not join? You've got nothing to lose, and a new world of safe feedback and excellent blogging resources to discover!


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